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D-Star repeater PI1BOZ

The final frequencies for the D-Star repeater in BOZ are granted since 17-09-2010 by the Dutch autorities (A.T.) !!

It has become : 430.525 Mhz. inputfrequency
438.125 Mhz. outputfrequency

Since sunday 19-09-2010 is the repeater running on these frequencies !

The used frequencypare is not used sofar in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
In the future there will come a repeater on this frequencie in the city of Zwolle . But this is sufficient far away to not have any interference ( special atmosferic condition excluded ofcourse)
In Den Helder there is a "hotspot" running on these frequencies, but this one only has a small reach......

So we can start experiment with D-Star !

The internetcoupling is there so it is possible to have D-star traffic from all over the world!

Thanks to our sponsor PE1HIO ( Joop Ditzel ) from GOES of the firm DITRONICS could this projoect been realized !!

Some links to documentation and software :
Extensive description ofn D-star
Jakub Hruska's D-Star decoder program can be found on the website of PI4RAZ
On this site of G4KLX there can be found a decoder program for use of a PC and a amateur set with a 9k6 connection.

Hardware :

D-star antenne:

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