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News :

December 2018
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December 2016:
The solarpanels are placed back however is was very cold while working on them.
The 70cm DATV input is temperary out of order because a pre-amp with bandfilter will be added.
September 2016:
The 23cm output of the ATV repeater is working again.
The solarpanels are removed tempararely because of maintenance to the roof.
July 2016:
Because of maintenance activities PI2BOZ‬ and the 23cm output on 1285 MHz of ‪‎PI6BOZ‬ are off air.
The circulator of PI2BOZ is defect and this caused an output power of only 1 Watt . The powersupply of the 1285 MHz output has probably a defect.

April 2016:
Maintenance to the 23cm RX antenna
The Coax is replaced , the old coax had 3.3dB attenuation and is replaced by a coax with 0.7dB
The antenna is checked and back into its place
Januari 2016:
The 70cm repeater has now also subaudio 88.5Hz at the input
December 2015:
70cm Repeater frequency changed to 430.025MHz
The D-ATV input on 70cm is reset and works.
The new matrix of ‪‎PI6BOZ‬ is placed. First tests have been positive. From now on only DTMF 751 is sufficient to switch on the ATV-relay. *123*100 after 751 is no longer necessary.
November 2015:
The ATV antenna has been in maintenance and is placed back.
October 2015:
The 23cm tx antenne is temporarily replaced by a yagiantenna because of maintenance.
June 2015:
We switched on a DVB-T input on 436MHz.
The outside camera is out of order because of maintenance.
The two meter repeater has an intermodulation-problem.
May 2014:
Today carried out maintenance on the link st.Niklaas <--> Nieuwegein.
April 2014:
There have been placed solarpanels on the Groeshof
March 2014:
At 29 march the 2 meter repeater has changed its frequency to 145.625MHz
The input frequency is changed to 145.025MHz
Jan 2014:
Internet link D-star repeater temparary broken; we are working on a solution.
May 2013: The repeater is running on solar energy.
October 2012:
The digital ATV repeater Nieuwegein is off the air. Het analog signal is now relaid to ON0SNW in st.Niklaas.

Januari 2011:
The ATV transmitter on 23cm (1285MHz) is on the air again.

September 2010:
The final frequencies for the D-Star repeater in BOZ (PI1BOZ) are since 17-09-2010 granted by the A.T. !!
They have become : 430.525 Mhz. inputfrequency, 438.125 Mhz. outputfrequency

Aug 2010:
The ATV transmitter for 23cm is temperarely out of the air because of a defect transmitter.
The final transistor and a videoswitch-IC are broken en need to be replaced.

Since 1 januari 2010 the 2 meter repeater can be opened by subaudio.
APRS repeater PI1BOZ is in the air on 144.800MHz !

Activities in this region:

Tuesday evening 20:30 Bergse round on the 2 meter repeater on 145.625MHz
Sunday evening at 20:00 Round of PI4ETL on 145.350MHz in FM
5 cktober 2014 : West Brabantse Radiomarkt
Photos of the evening by the repeater commission during the meeting in Wouw

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