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Repeater Stichting

PI1BER (APRS digi)

PI1BOZ (D-Star)

PI2BOZ 70cm





PI6BOZ ATV repeater

Input : 1250 MHz (location Zoomflat)
Output : 2352 MHz (location Zoomflat)en 1285 MHz (location Groeshof)
DTMF input : via the 70cm repeater on 430.025 MHz

DTMF control

The repeater can be controlled by DTMF on 70cm ((430.025MHz.(direct in simplex on short distance) or 431.625MHz.(by the 70 cm repeater, so WITH shift ! ))).
The power of the ATV repeater is normally switched off to save power.
Switching on can be done by giving DTMF code 751 on 431.625MHz DTMF.
The repeater answers on 430.025MHz with DTMF tone '1' during 6 seconds , so this is a long stretched tone.
When DTMF code 751 is given again then the repeater will be switched off and you hear a intermittent ("verbreek") tone.

The DTMF tonecode 752 is not necessary any more.

After you have given the DTMF 751 the repeater comes with the QUAD image with on the left upper corner the 23cm input, or the beacon when there is nothing on the input. On the right you can see the 70cm DVB-T input. On the left lower corner there is PI6ATV and right of it ON0SNW. DTMF # gives the corresponding input in full image.
DMTF * gives the help screen again. After another * puts the image of the corresponding input behind the help text, another * removes the help screen.
To see PI6ATV and ON0SNW the extras have to be switched on by DTMF 752 .
Not all option are yet active or in use.

1#23cm input(1250MHz)
2#70cm DVB-T input (436 MHz)
4#ON0SNWRepeater St Niklaas
5#outdoorcameraTemporary out of use.
Control of the camera as follows:
1 = zoom out 2 = zoom in
5 = up 0 = down
7 = left 9 = right
Keep the code pressed as long as the movement lasts.
8#inhousecameraThis camera can not be moved!
9#bakenBack to the beacon function, but without overlay text.
10#Streaming videoStreaming video input .

Two pictures of thehardware :

Antenna and the poweramplifier of the 13cm poweramplifier:

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